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Improving financial resilience

The Partnership’s purpose is to improve the financial well-being and financial resilience of people and communities in Nottingham city.  

This includes among, other things, reducing the levels of over-indebtedness; tackling high cost credit and increasing access to more affordable responsible credit; helping people to maximise/ increase their income; making sure everyone can get and use an appropriate bank account; finding ways to support people on low incomes with saving; helping adults to increase their skills; knowledge and confidence in dealing well with money (financial capability); increasing and embedding financial education across schools/ other young people’s settings.  

Access to affordable and nutritious food, affordable warmth and affordable housing are also a part of Improving people’s financial well-being in the city. 

The Partnership works to an annual action plan (back copies available upon request).   

Since receipt of National Lottery Community Fund funding in 2020, we are now particularly working to deliver against our delivery plan for the fund.  

"Improving people’s resilience against financial shocks and pressures. Includes improving financial well-being and stability, ensuring people can access relevant financial products and have the capability to deal with money well."

Nottingham Financial Resilience Action Plan

The partnership drafted a Financial Resilience Plan for Nottingham in Spring 2016.  This report sets out the scale of challenges in Nottingham using key data and in the context of national financial inclusion policy.  The report also summarises the priorities and common issues that emerged from the series of neighbourhood events in the Autumn of 2015.

Following feedback on our draft report the partnership then developed an Action Plan setting out the key strategic aims and the ways in which the Steering Group and Core Group are working to achieve these aims. This is intended as very much a living document. Details of the positive impacts that the partnership is beginning to have are provided on the impact page.


Emma Bates, Sessional worker for the partnership, has designed and now delivers front-line work for the partnership. 

Awards for all

Economic Social Research Council

We are grateful to the Economic Social Research Council for an IAA grant to help support the establishment of the partnership.


University of Nottingham

We received financial support to help us establish the partnership website.

Steering Group Meeting Minutes

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