"There is an urgent need in the city for much greater awareness around choosing credit and much greater ease of access to more affordable sources. It [the research] also reflects the need again for greater financial capability and for tackling low income in the city. That a number [of the participants] had pre-existing debts or loans prior to a financial shock leading then to unmanageable debt, shows the potential precariousness of borrowing.”
emma bates
April 2018


Resident’s research on money problems. 

Purpose: nature/ cause of the money problems ways hear peoples voices locally ongoing.

St Ann’s, Sneinton, Aspley, Bestwood, Bulwell, Clifton, Meadows (approx 10 respondents from St Ann’s & Sneinton)

"It feels like it’s pulling us apart. I can’t afford the food they (the children) like … It pulls you down. Breaks you. Make you feel degraded. Makes you feel you can’t look after your own kids"
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