our progress
so far

  • Awareness raising with partners of national good practice + UK Financial Capability Strategy evaluation principles (
  • Need identified for website of all money help provision in the city (including fin cap). Money & Work page with own url established on Ask Lion website, for all services that help people with money issues.
  • Foodbanks (all city foodbanks) and Employment opportunities event to improve access to opportunities, 2016
  • Front line staff awareness raising session on Credit and Illegal lending
  • Aspley Facebook page
  • Primary Schools financial education project in St Ann’s, Bulwell, Aspley, 2016-17
  • Pupil financial education input, Staff teacher training Parent’s sessions Support re school saving clubs
  • Savings tins for all pupils
  • Invitation of Money Advice Service to deliver work in Nottingham with vulnerable children and young people (one of the national pilot areas) and introduction the local authority

banking summit

Bank Account Summit Feb 17, Oct 17, March 2018 leading to some improvements in bank account access

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