Working together to improve the financial lives of people and communities in Nottingham

Nottingham has the highest level of people over-indebted and the lowest household disposable incomes in the UK.

One in five people in Nottingham are over-indebted

Debt is a huge problem in Nottingham.  The Money Advice Service have calculated that a fifth of Nottingham’s residents are over-indebted.  Nottingham has the highest level of people over-indebted of any upper tier, local authority in the UK and the fourth highest level of over-indebtedness of any lower tier, local authority.

Over-indebtedness is defined by MAS as someone who finds meeting monthly commitments a heavy burden and/or who is regularly in arrears with bills.

Take home pay in Nottingham is one-fifth of that of residents of West London

Nottingham is the city with the lowest incomes in the UK, where residents’ take-home pay is only one-fifth of the disposable income enjoyed by people in west London.

The average household income per head, once taxes and benefits are taken into account, is only £12,232 in Nottingham, compared to £58,816 in Kensington and Chelsea, and Hammersmith and Fulham in west London.

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